Growing up in California, with parents under the heavy influence of the 60's, made an unavoidable and lasting impression. I was surrounded by artists and designers who exposed me to psychedelic art and rock n' roll. Despite my best efforts to not be like my parents, I went to art school, became an Art Director and married a musician. After years of working on big advertising campaigns, I was drawn to the freedom of the freelance life. My new independence led me to travel to places near and far and go touring with my husband across the globe.  

That's what inspired Von Drenik. A leather goods and accessories line that embodies both free-spirited creativity and modern functionality. There's an emphasis on handmade elements, traditional leather working, and artist collaborations. 

Each new season brings the welcome opportunity to continue this life lived in wanderlust. Regardless of where we go, Von Drenik is made stateside in NYC and finished by hand in our Portland, OR studio. All of our textiles are ethically sourced and made by artisans in India.  


Sorenne Von Drenik
Owner & Designer